Energy Saving



Chiller Plant Energy Manager (CPEM)




Today, energy consumption of pumps and cooling tower is more than in the past because of efficiency improvement of chillers


With VSD (Variable speed drive) technology, pump and cooling tower can save a lot of energy from small flow reduction


CPEM is automatic control to manage energy consumption of the whole plant, not only chiller but includes all related pump and cooling tower.




Enpro™ Better Saving Solution





Do you know that you can save

up to 20% of your electric charge ?



The principle theory of energy management in hot country is composition between good working plan,

peak demand management, on-time scheduling and high efficiency temperature control... But how to do ?


If you have only 10-20 equipments in your system, to manage these loads is not a problem. But if we’re

talking about hundreds equipments, it would be very different and impossible to do by manual because

it’s too complicated.


That’s a reason to make Energy Management System be important for every enterprise. With EnProTM

5, not only powerful with high reliable but still be easy to use and flexible to apply. You can select system

to suit to your application even you are so big or small, building or factory, simple or complex system.


Even who you are, you can save money by our system EnPro







Improve chiller plant efficiency by VSD


VSD makes very good energy saving by vary flow as load demand up to 20 – 40% of pump consumption


Benefit from using VSD


A lot of energy saving by variable control, especially for fan and pump

Solid-state technology, no moving part, difficult to damage from long life

Extend long life of motor by reduction Inrush Current at initial start

Able to use with Squirrel Cage Induction Motor, easy to use and maintenance, low price

Able to drive more than one motor by one VSD (same speed)




 SM1 All-in-one controller


SM-1  All in one controller


Integrated Meter


Input/Output Controller

Communication converter


SM-1 Specification


Hardware Features


Built-in the integrated meter

4 PID control (motorized valve)

4 Temperature measurement

8 Pumps Start/stop control

12 Alarm input

Remote connect by Modem or Ethernet LAN

Record electrical data in memory for 35 days

Automatic alarm to mobile phone or central station PC






Integrated digital meter with 30 days memory and 2 digital output


PowerPro Model PM256 measures all neccessary electrical parameters on 3-phase

system such as voltage, current, frequency, power factor and harmornics distortion.


Data and error logging can be activated. All Log Data are stored into a non-volatile 256 kB

memory with Real Time Clock Stamp.


Single LED’s and ”7 segment” modules perform the indication of all values and states. The 3 lines LED display ensures long-range reading and a very large viewing angle.


Push buttons make it possible to step through an advanced menu for selecting the different modes: Reading, Control, Setup and Error List.


Password protection is available to protect advance setting from unauthorized person.


External access to the meter is provided by a Hi-speed RS485 ModBus communication.


The meter is encapsulated in a 96x96 DIN rail box. The material is UL94V-0/V-2 fire resistant

Noryl. When mounted in a panel, the front of the meter is IP55 protected. By using optional

gaskets, the protection can be upgraded to IP64 standard.


All custom settings are carried out withoutopening the meter, wiring is done by plug-in terminals.







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