Biomass chiller

“We produce coolness from agricluture waste”


Why throw your agriculture waste away, use it as fuel and get free cool air. Our biomass chiller system consumes electricity only 30% of conventional air-conditioning system. We have range from 120,000 – 1,200,000 BTUH



Features Comparison


Biomass fired Absorption Chiller


Electric Chiller, Package Air Conditioners/or Split Type

Various kinds of Biomass fuels can be used, which Reduce Costly Electricity;

“High Electricity Consumption and High Cooling Cost”

More Environmental Friendly, using Water and Lithium Bromide which are not CFCs (No effect to the Ozone Depletion);

“Often Using CFCs causing Ozone Depletion”

Less electricity use, Avoid CO2 emission caused by power generation;

“Cause CO2 Emission”

Few moving parts, Quiet and Vibration Free Operation.

“Has Noise and Vibration”


Sample of Biomass Fuel



Coconut Shells



Rice Husk



Wood Chips



Empty bunch from Palm oil



Palm Shells



Corn Stalk


Our system can use various of biomass type such as coconuts shells, wood chips, or empty fruit bunch.


System Diagram



Cooling cost comparisons


Split Type Air-conditioning


Biomass Chiller



Biomass chiller consume electricity only 30% of conventional split-type but it needs more operation and maintenance. Anyhow, for long term investment, biomass chiller can make cheaper cost /kWh.



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